How to Start a Fashion Company

My book takes you step by step through the process. Most people get the steps mixed up, wasting time and money. It is also common for them to add unnecessary steps or skip the important ones. I welcome your questions on the process.

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Fashion Setbacks

A career in fashion can be exciting but expect setbacks along the way. It is not a reason to give up but in most cases can be a growth period. I encourage you to share your stories of how you were able to move forward as you never know who you may be helping. I had my own set back 2 weeks ago. A very dear friend of over 20 years was murdered by her husband. At this time it is still painful and even express what I feel. For the first week after it happened I found it hard to focus on my work. I  just take it one day at a time and each day gets a little easier. Please see the link for below for information on domestic violence:

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Pattern Making Questions

Being in the fashion industry over 25 years I get lots of questions. People get the most confused when it comes to the pattern making process. I go over this process in my book but welcome your questions.

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Leather Purse Production

Good news! Roxi is traveling to Italy to develop leather goods working directly with the factory that produces Gucci & other luxury items. If you are interested in creating designs & producing in Italy please contact her asap.

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Fabric & Trim Low Minimums!

NYC –  Feb 6 &  7 Fabric Show for Designers w/ Low Minimums!

For more information on the show go to:

DG expo

I went to show today. One day left. They have a great selection for start up companies and those that require low minimums. Great buttons, trims, knits, wool suiting, cotton shirting, linings, leather, fleece, cotton prints, active wear fabrics, laces, and much more!!!!

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Fashion Schools

For helpful information on fashion schools and related material please see this link:

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Graphic Design

Graphic design makes all the difference in presenting a quality product. You can have an amazing idea but if not presented properly it may never get off the ground. This should be taken into consideration for all materials used in marketing. For reasonable prices and quality work check out Roxi’s website:

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Welcome to my blog!!

If you love fashion and your starting a clothing company this is the blog for you. I will be giving tips on how to make the process as simple as possible while saving time and money. I have just written the book  “Guide to Starting a Fashion Company” which you can find out more about at my website and I will be happy to answer any questions about the book. It will be great to get your feedback.

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