Pattern Making Questions

Being in the fashion industry over 25 years I get lots of questions. People get the most confused when it comes to the pattern making process. I go over this process in my book but welcome your questions.

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3 Responses to Pattern Making Questions

  1. Nicole Miller says:

    Do you have to make a pattern in order to make a sample or is the pattern for when a garment goes into production?

    • admin says:

      It is necessary to make a pattern prior to sewing the sample. Any business makes a pattern first. To make a garment without a pattern would be like building a house without a blue print and going back and trying to make the same exact house. It would not only be difficult but more time consuming. Here are the steps in order: Pattern, Sample, Fitting, Grading & Markers, Cut & Sew Production.

  2. Pamela Jano says:

    Just received my patterns in the mail! I’m so excited! I am not a professional. I’m only just starting and Cherie has been helpful and so patient with me. She’s a true professional. Thank you, Cherie!

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