Fashion Setbacks

A career in fashion can be exciting but expect setbacks along the way. It is not a reason to give up but in most cases can be a growth period. I encourage you to share your stories of how you were able to move forward as you never know who you may be helping. I had my own set back 2 weeks ago. A very dear friend of over 20 years was murdered by her husband. At this time it is still painful and even express what I feel. For the first week after it happened I found it hard to focus on my work. I  just take it one day at a time and each day gets a little easier. Please see the link for below for information on domestic violence:

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2 Responses to Fashion Setbacks

  1. Bridgett Firsichbaum says:

    Hi Cherie!
    I am truly sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine the pain and loss you must be feeling. But, know that she is watching over you as your business is flourishing and expanding to new heights! She would be so happy and proud!
    Unfortunately, I have also experienced loss of loved ones. Long story short, I lost both of my parents to drug addictions at an early age. Shouldering responsibility that no child should ever have, I pushed on, caring for my younger sibling and fought till I made a life for us that was the complete opposite of our childhood. No more witnessing drug deals, fights, police raids or overdoses in our home-no more tears, fear, hunger or being left alone for days at a time. Today is filled with love, hope, positivity, hard work and so much gratitude that we broke the cycle and have become productive members of society! With this gratefulness, we greet each day differently than others, because we’ve seen the ugly, sad side of life. I have recently begun a new journey to start my own business and have been blessed with the most amazing people. I know my parents would be so very proud of us! As an adult and a parent, I look back feel sorry for the affliction they carried, and know if they could’ve been better parents- they would’ve. I am grateful to them -our childhood taught us to be fighters- To be strong, independent, honest and work hard for what we want in life. We have all experienced different set backs, but it is all part of a bigger plan.
    Thank you for this post!

  2. Nancy Greene says:

    I’m a 65 year old woman, although I do have an Associates Degree in Fashion, I have not had the luxury of realizing my dream of being a fashion designer since the late 70’s when I had my daughter. From that point it was about being on my grind so we could survive.
    I never stopped designing clothes. Fashion is the fire of my passion. Until recently I really didn’t know how to pursue getting my clothes, shoes and handbags out there. I still don’t have it all down, although my designs and artwork are exemplary, and knowing that has been my driving force.

    Your website has been the most compassionate, devotional, honest and sincere compilation of information I have read thus far. I can’t thank you enough. I said your prayer and it made me feel wonderfully enriched. You’re the Joel Osteen of fashion, lol.

    With your information and encouragement, and if I can find someone willing to finance my dream, you will definitely be hearing from me again.

    Thank you Cherie.

    Nancy Greene
    Rhea Verde Chic

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